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Frequently Asked Questions


Q What should I bring along to the club?
A Remember to bring your membership card (if you are still waiting for your card, be sure to ask for your card at reception), a small hand towel and a water bottle. Filtered water is available at the club, so you can bring an empty water bottle and fill it up at one of the water fountains.

Q What do I wear?
A Although you should be comfortable (wear light, breathable clothes that have been designed for physical activity and that you can move in), do have respect for your fellow gym-goers - guys, we don't want to stare at your naked chests, so wear a T-shirt. Wear only closed shoes such as cross-trainers or running shoes. You may want to also bring a top to keep you warm when you leave the gym.

Q Will someone help me to get started when I get there?
A Absolutely. All members go through an optional Kick Start programme which involves two consultations with an exercise consultant to get you started. 


Q Where do I collect my Re-Creation membership card?
A You can collect it at your home club.

Q How do I pay for my membership?
A Our preferred method of payment is by direct debit. However, should you wish to pay for your membership in advance, we can also arrange payment in one lump sum.

Q What do I need to bring with me when I join up?
A Just bring yourself along as well as your banking details. If your preferred payment method is via direct debit from a credit card, please bring the credit card with you. Alternatively, if you prefer to pay via your bank account, please ensure you have both your banks BSB and your Account Number with you. You can find these on your bank statements. If you are a corporate member, please bring proof of your corporate identity. We endeavour to keep the paper work as simple and straight forward as possible. In most cases, this process takes around 10 minutes.


Q I’ve never joined a health club before, so, i am not sure if it is something i will enjoy or commit to. What happens if I change my mind and don’t want to continue as a member?

A Whilst we really hope you will LOVE coming to your local Re-Creation, we also understand that at times, things happen where your circumstances may change. That’s why we offer a 14 Day Comfort Guarantee! This means that should you not be 100% delighted with your membership within the first 14 days of joining, you may cancel your membership at no cost to you.


Q How does the crèche work?
A  Parents or guardians are required to complete registration forms for all children before access to the crèche is permitted. Please allow adequate time to sign and settle your children.
To ensure maximum safety at all time, parents who leave their children in a crèche must also collect them in person. Another person may only collect a child from the crèche when specific arrangements have been made and agreed with a Club’s crèche for the child concerned. For more information on your club’s specific crèche – including hours and costs, please contact your club by clicking here

Q Can I place my membership “on hold” if i am unable to use the club?
A At Re-Creation we make your membership as flexible as possible to suit your lifestyle. Most of our memberships offer up to four months “on hold” time. The minimum members can suspend is for 2 weeks. A nominal fee of $10 per “on hold” is payable at reception upon “on hold” request. Please ensure that you place your membership “on hold” in person and on your last visit to the club as we cannot back date “on hold” requests.




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